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Mastering The Search ($497)

Mastering The Search - $497 Value

Effortlessly navigate the vast real estate landscape, pinpoint goldmine properties before anyone else even notices.
Become the hunter, not the hunted!

Financing Strategies - $697 Value

Financing Strategies ($697)

Dive into strategies that will make banks and partners eagerly invest in your vision, even if your wallet is thin.
Funding isn't a barrier but a bridge!

The Art Of Buying  

The Art Of Buying - $497 Value

Feel the rush of confidently sealing deals and master negotiations. Command the room, turn each negotiation into a win-win masterpiece!

Due Diligence Mastery  ($497)

Due Diligence Mastery - $497 Value

Safeguard your investments by spotting issues that even seasoned investors miss. Become infallible, ensuring you only invest in jewels, not junk.

Escrow Mastery ($497)

Escrow Mastery - $497 Value

Close every transaction with the precision of a Swiss watch. Create a win-win situation in your deals leaving you and the seller exhilarated.

Effective Property Management ($497)

Effective Property Management - $497 Value

Your properties run like well-oiled machines, with issues resolved with a snap of your fingers.
Rental income flows, your peace of mind grows.

Flipping Blueprint ($997)

Flipping Blueprint - $997 Value

Feel the adrenaline as you transform every fixer-upper into a dream, watch its value skyrocket.
Become the go-to flip king or queen in your town !

Selling With Confidence  ($897)

Selling With Confidence - $897 Value

Get your properties sold in under 30 days, with massive profits! Faster sales, bigger profits into your account.
Know exactly when and how to cash out!

Profit Maximization Lab ($297)

Profit Maximization Lab - $297 Value

Revel in the confidence of knowing your numbers down to the penny, ensuring every venture adds another success story to your portfolio. 


Safeguarding Your Investment With Trusts ($997)

Safeguarding Your Investment With Trusts - $997 Value

Discover the essential strategies and best practices to maintain transparency, foster consistent communication, and uphold fiduciary responsibilities, safeguarding your investors' trust throughout the investment journey.

Finding Your Perfect Real Estate Niche ($497)

Finding Your Perfect Real Estate Niche - $497 Value

Navigate the diverse world of real estate with clarity, learning to evaluate and select the property type that aligns perfectly with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Unlock Your Optimal Learning Style ($497)

Unlock Your Optimal Learning Style - $497 Value

Discover your unique learning style and harness personalized strategies to absorb and apply real estate knowledge more effectively.


Essential Legal Toolkit

Essential Legal Toolkit - $3,997 Value

Access a goldmine of legal documents, templates, and forms. It’s like having a law firm in your pocket!
Say goodbye to questionable online templates.

Monthly Momentum Review

Monthly Momentum Review - $1,197 Value

Harness the power of monthly check-ins to keep you on track with your goals, ensuring your eyes stay on the prize.
Focus on what truly matters!

Monthly Goal Setting Workshop ($497)

Monthly Goal Setting Workshop - $497 Value

No more vague investment dreams! Turn your aspirations into tangible steps and watch them come alive every month.
Act as the steady captain of your investment ship.

Weekly Q&A Session ($5,200)

Weekly Q&A Session - $5,200 Value

As the world evolves, so does information. Stay at the forefront with the latest real estate investing insights every week.
Become an unstoppable  force with crystal clear clarity!

The REI Accelerator ​Founders Community

The REI Accelerator ​Founders Group

With our Founders Group, you're never alone in your journey. As one member succeeds, the collective knowledge grows, lifting everyone higher... PRICELESS!

Total Value $18,255++

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The Roger King Commitment

30 Days, Clear Results or Clear Refund

   I've seen countless guarantees — some honest, some more hole-ridden than my old fishing net. That's why, for the REI Accelerator - Founders Group, I'm laying down the sort of guarantee that even my grandma would nod in approval at.

Listen up, because here's the deal:

From the moment you join the REI Accelerator - Founders Group, you've got a full 30 days to test-drive, kick the tires, and see if this is the real deal or just another shiny object.

Dive deep into our resources. Network with our community. Attend the webinars, dissect the courses, take all the notes you want. Heck, even try to prove me wrong!

If, after those 30 days, you don't think the REI Accelerator - Founders Group is worth at least ten times what you paid for it (or heck, if you don't like the font we used in our course notes), I want you to email us. No hoops to jump through, no twenty-page questionnaire. Just a simple, "Hey Roger, this ain't for me."

And you know what we'll do? We'll refund every single penny you paid. No questions asked. No hard feelings. No nonsense.

Why? Because I believe so darn much in the value we're providing, I'm willing to take on all the risk. This ain't my first rodeo, and I know quality when I see it. And the REI Accelerator - Founders Group? It's the sort of quality that can transform your financial future.

So, go on, take the plunge! What've you got to lose? Either you're on your way to becoming a real estate mogul, or you're getting your money back. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Here's to your massive success in real estate and life!

What Others Are Saying About Us

"Very Happy So Far"

"Roger gave me the confidence to take the leap into real estate investing! With Roger's help, I started an LLC and the process of wholesaling. He also gave me the confidence on doing my first fix and flip. His coaching has been instrumental for my success !"

"Very Actionable Information"

"I can truly say that there's a lot to be gained from having a mentor such as Roger. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about looking into real estate investing. The information is really clear, very attainable, bite-size, non-intimidating."

About Roger

My dream was to make it as a full-time musician, but I was running out of money quickly. So after a few odd-jobs I got into the lending/refi boom. Quickly moving to an investment firm that was buying hotels and converting them into condo-hotels, I learned that business model, and what it’s like working for investors (not with them).

After the property crash of 2008, I knew I had to re-build without partners who I didn't have my best interest in mind. After some initial struggles, I hit a grand slam home run on my first property, earning $188k in 30 days!

Instantly, I knew that my model works. If I can do it once, then I can do it over and over!

Over the course of the next decade, I flipped contracts, fixed & flipped homes, developed multi-family properties, built custom luxury homes, and even moved into mobile home parks and glamping properties... and now, a lakeside resort!

With a portfolio currently valued at $40m+, I’m excited to guide people all the way from their first property through their hundredth (and beyond)!

Welcome to the REI Accelerator Founders Group of savvy real estate investors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Free Trial Work?

Test-drive the REI Accelerator Founders Group & Community for a full 30 days, just pay the small, one-time shipping and handling costs for us to ship out your FREE gifts.

Then, if you agree that this is most valuable advice on how to finally start the wildly profitable Rest Estate Investing Business you’ve always wanted, and you can't wait to implement everything taught, you’ll automatically be enrolled as an official Founders Group  member at the exclusive offer of just $97/mo.

When Will I Receive My Free Gift With My Books?

When you sign up today for the REI Accelerator Founders Group free trial, you will receive instant access to the 0-60 MPH In One Week Guide to Real Estate Investing course, and the REI Accelerator - Founders Group community where you can access the Legal Toolkit, calendar of events, and begin interacting with your Co-FOunders!.

For the physical Welcome Box, including the hard copies of both The 0-60 Mph In One Week Guide To Real Estate Investing, and The Inspection Accelerator Planner, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive.

Who Is This For?

Our program is tailored to guide both beginners and experienced investors.

For novices, we start with foundational principles and provide step-by-step instruction to ensure you're confident as you enter the real estate market. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we're here to make that beginning as seamless as possible.

Experienced investors will find value in my advanced strategies, including detailed market cycle analysis, and a multitude of  comprehensive risk management techniques.

You're about to uncover innovative methods and industry insights to optimize your portfolio and enhance your returns, no matter your experience level. 

How Is This Program Different?

Our program stands apart because of its comprehensive, hands-on approach. Instead of just theory, we dive into real-world scenarios, giving you actionable strategies and tools.

We also prioritize one-on-one mentorship, ensuring that each participant receives personalized guidance tailored to their specific goals and challenges.

Our commitment is to not just educate, but to foster a community of successful real estate investors.

Is Real Estate Success Guaranteed?

Results vary by individual. Many members notice enhanced knowledge and confidence within weeks. However, tangible real estate investing outcomes can take longer due to the nature of the market.

With dedication and by actively applying our strategies, you're well on your way to success. Stick with the program and watch your progress unfold.

How Much Does It Cost?

Today, and for a very limited time, you can sign up completely free! We simply ask that you pay the one-time, small shipping & printing fee of $29.97 so we can ship out your FREE gifts.

Then, after the initial 30-day test-run, if you can’t get enough of the incredible insight and strategies for exponential growth, we’ll automatically enroll you as an official REI Accelerator Founding Member for just $97/mo, cancel anytime.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

ABSOLUTELY! From the moment you join the REI Accelerator - Founders Group, you've got a full 30 days to test-drive, kick the tires, and see if this is the real deal or just another shiny object. 

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