Thriving as a Real Estate Investor - Navigating Losses

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

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More than likely, you're going to lose money as a real estate investor.

So if you're new, just be prepared to face this fact.

It's difficult to realize, but realize it you must - if you are to survive and continue investing.

As someone who’s lived through multiple market cycles, bad partnerships and lost millions along the way, I know the risks, and I know the rewards.

The rewards far outweigh the risks, and I now understand how to mitigate the losses that do occur.

Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

Yes, even very experienced investors can lose everything.
They can be victims of fraud, bad market timing, bad partnerships, and unforeseen property defects.

Even in 2008 someone with my expertise was 'losing' everything. It turned out that it was only money that I was losing - I still had my knowledge, experience and connections.

Perhaps more importantly, I focused my drive. I had a clear vision of my outcomes knowing what to focus on, and it's not truly losing everything.
It IS about moving forward, and getting out of the hole he was in. My biggest asset is my ability to move forward.

Do you have that kind of focus?
Do you know how to 'keep moving forward'?

It can be tough, but let's look at a few things that I've been doing to move past some recent losses.

The Resilience Formula: Moving Forward with Purpose

1. Ask empowering questions: I'm usually asking myself questions like this: "What is GREAT about this?" and, "What can I learn from this?"
This is something I learned from Tony Robbins 28 years ago - listen to this

2. Remember that you're going to be in this for a long, long time: I've got at least 20 years to go in real estate investing. Am I going to have a 100% success rate?

Probably not. Is that ok?
Yes! Because those situations that I take a loss on are going to provide either a springboard, a new distinction, some invaluable knowledge... SOMETHING that gives me information that I can grow from.
I find great power in this! I’m either earning or learning!

3. Generate New Business: One of the coolest things about being an active real estate investor is that you can wake up tomorrow morning with a new email, letter, or phone call from someone that wants to sell you their property. Or borrow money. Or partner on a great project.

When you focus on building a 'pipeline' the less that loss matters - especially when talking about your emotional state. "Don't baby-sit the problem all day everyday. Go get another deal.”

4. Decide: Moment to moment, you have the choice of what you focus on. No one has power over your thoughts more than you do. YOU can stay in bed all day, feeling sorry for yourself that you just lost $10,000.
Or maybe it's a $100,000. Fear can take control. Its easy to let happen.

But you MUST get out of bed, maybe go for a run, or a stretch, and change your state.
You must decide that you're going to focus on gratitude - and all the things your grateful for. You MUST decide to make another choice.

And remember - it could've been $1,000,000!
Whatever you're going through, also remember that others have gone through worse, and risen above it.
You can, too.

5. GROW! Get better at looking at the market, the deals, the people, the strategy, the system. Use this time to refocus and reflect what you can do better. My coach said it best: "Don't baby-sit the problem all day everyday."


Try this stuff out. Listening to people like Tony Robbins, Brendan Bruchard, Tim Ferris, Ed Mylett, Wayne Dyer, Lewis Howes, Deepak Chopra, and even (especially!) Napoleon Hill, or other inspirational speakers has helped me to remember things in the most challenging times.

But you need to also put it to use in a practical way. It can be done - you just need to choose!

Please let me know what you do to get out of your funk - listen to motivation/music? Exercise? Disconnect? Or are you not very good with moving on? I'd love to hear from you.

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